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6th May, 2017. Prediction Cup updated - Final: Nobby Disher vs Dave Thompson

28th April, 2017. The Prediction Cup page updated - some small issues with scoring fixed.

21th April, 2017. Prediction Cup updated. We are still going through predictions that need to be corrected (QPRvBRI) - please contact us if a correction need to be made to your prediction.

14th April, 2017. Today's fixture against Bristol City was in wrong order (QPRvBRI), it is now fixed. Please re-submit.

31th March, 2017. Tie-Breakers added to the DERvQPR form. Please re-submit if you are still involved in the cup.

8th March, 2017. Tables updated (QPRvBAR) including texts.

7th March, 2017. Prediction Cup updated.

6th March, 2017. Tables fully updated. The Prediction Cup page to be updated soon...

27th February, 2017 CARDIFF prediction form updated to include Cup tie-breakers - please check your prediction if you are involved in the cup, thanks!

22th February, 2017 Tables updated (QPRvWIG), excluding texts.

5th February, 2017 Tables updated following the draw at Newcastle and loss at Blackburn, texts included.

11th January, 2017 Prediction Cup page updated.

1st January, 2017 Happy New Year! All tables + CUP now updated.

30th December, 2016 MS3 tables and Cup page will be updated during the weekend, thanks for your patience! UPDATE: MS3 tables ready...

14th December, 2016 Tables updated (QPRvDER), excluding texts

12th December, 2016 Those who predicted ROTvQPR by text - please contact

11th December, 2016 Tables updated until ROTvQPR fixture (excluding texts). There were no problems in table calculations after all - all Premier League predictors scoring 0 points from 7th fixture was correctly calculated. Please report if you have any missing points so we can double check them.

21th November, 2016 Tables fully updated (QPRvNOR), including texts.

5th November, 2016 Tables updated (NOTvQPR).

4th November, 2016 All tables updated, please check you find yourself from the MS2 tables - if not, please contact us. Remember MS Extra 2 closes TOMORROW before kick off.

3rd November, 2016 MS1 final tables now available (MS Extra points were missing and the reason for delay). MS2 updated tables should be online tomorrow at latest.

your patience.

23rd August, 2016. Prediction Cup draw.

16th August, 2016. The Fantasy League code is 2152204-513079.

30th July, 2016. Adrian Pledger grabbed the Pre-Season Competition title, congratulations! Fixtures for the regular season will be added during the next couple of days. See full Pre-Season table here.

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