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QPR - Nottingham Forest (Sat 24th Feb 3:00PM)
Mini-Season 3 fixture


Aston Villa - QPR (Sat 3rd Mar 3:00PM)
Mini-Season 4 fixture


QPR - Derby (Tue 6th Mar 7:45PM)
Mini-Season 4 fixture


Mini-Season Extra

No active Mini-Season Extras.


21th February, 2018. Prediction Cup finally updated.

5th February, 2018. Tables updated, including texts. Also, the usual number for sending text predictions is back.

5th January, 2018. The site is now up to date - if you had any text predictions for the last four fixtures, please check you got the right points.

5th January, 2018. The site is being updated and ready by tonight - meanwhile the following predictors should submit Prediction Cup prediction: Allen, Gannon, Banks, Eligoloff, Bishop, Belsham, Fjeld, Coleman, Goodall, Moriarty, Goode, Boyole, Gregorious, Campbell, Lihavainen, Mason, Noren, Lebed, Pledgers, Burnside, Rhoades, Angell, Powell, Stancombe, Shepherds, Rolph, Long, Smit and Joseph.


28th November, 2017. Tables updated including texts (Brentford + SheffU). If you notice any mistakes do not hesitate to contact us.

1st November, 2017. Registration page temporarily closed to prevent bot registrations. If you wish to join the prediction league, contact e.g. using the Facebook page. User base cleanup will be done later this week.

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Remember, you can submit your prediction by text message. Please supply your name, predicted score and predicted goalscorer send to: 07854 813633